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Our latest model has been released in March 2015. The Stealth "Black Edition" features revolutionary airfoil alumiuium seat and handle bar ajustment systems.
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Integrity Strength Systems is a division of International Fitness Pty. Ltd.
Magnetic resistance
Magnetic fields are as old as the universe and as reliable as gravity. We've harnessed this force of nature to provide the smoothest most reliable braking force possible.
Our braking system is perfectly friction free because the six powerful permanent magnets don't contact any moving part, so there are no wearing parts... guaranteed.
Kevlar belt drive system
Chains are history! Kevlar belts never need lubricating or tensioning, and unlike noisy chains, they're perfectly silent.
We use the highest quality European made belts from the industry leader Hutchinson. The belts fit perfectly into our precisely machined drive pulleys, ensuring a very long life... guaranteed.
At first glance many spin bikes look the same, the internet is full of cheap copies being passed off as "commercial" quality bikes. However close investigation will show why major fitness clubs, government departments and universities have been using the Stealth Spin Cycle for years.
Please visit our FAQ page for more reasons to choose Stealth
Engineered to exacting standards, the Stealth Cycle will provide long and trouble free use in even the busiest clubs. We're so confident in our product we back it with a comprehensive 2 year commercial warranty.
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A division of International Fitness
The new system is lightweight, durable and incredibly easy to adjust due to the teflon lined surfaces.